Meet the Staff

The SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce has a staff of highly skilled professionals who are always available to the membership to answer questions or give assistance.

The staff is diligent in referring requests or inquiries from outside sources to members. If you have a question about any information on this website or would like further information, please contact any of the staff members listed below either by email or phone at 508-999-5231.

Rick Kidder

President & CEO

Contact By Email
Ext. 25

Dorothy Botelho, IOM

Director of Operations & Finance

Contact By Email
ext. 20

Ian Abreu, IOM

Manager of Business Development and Public Policy

Contact By Email
ext. 24

Rebecca Laliberte, IOM

Communications Manager

Contact By Email
ext. 27

Kelli Munroe

Tourism & Marketing Coordinator

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ext. 22

Deven Robitaille

Manager of Programs & Events

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ext. 26

Joanne Rego

Supported Employment Network Coordinator

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ext. 28