By Ian Abreu, Manager of Business Development & Public Policy

Greetings, all new members of our Chamber.

We are fortunate to have you as a member of our esteemed organization and look forward to helping you achieve additional success in your business!

For those of you who just joined us (or who are considering joining us), you still may be asking yourself: “What is the chamber, and what do they do?,” or, “How can they help me?”

If you’re asking yourself those questions, don’t worry, many other first-time members have as well!

I am more than happy to not only answer those questions for you, but also, further explain a little bit more about our mission.

Our primary goal? To help business owners network, grow and build its “book of business.” No matter which market you are interested in entertaining, the SouthCoast Chamber can help satisfy your appetite.

Do you have “business to business” needs?

We can help!

Every month, our Chamber hosts the very successful “Business After Hours” networking mixer at a local area Chamber member business. “Business After Hours” facilitates the development of personal relationships, which enables individuals to stand out and rise above today’s multitude of advertising white noise. Networking is one of the most affordable means of marketing resulting in invaluable personal referrals and word-of-mouth advertising.

Do you have “business to consumer” needs?

We can help!

Every March, the Chamber hosts its annual “Greater New Bedford Home, Health and Wellness Show,” which is one of the largest and most promoted events of the year! This is an ideal way for more than 2,000 area residents to learn about and connect with local home, health and wellness service and product providers to discover solutions to all their home, health and wellness needs. Businesses are provided with multiple opportunities to promote their business and showcase their expertise.

Is your company expanding and are you in the market to hire?

We can help!

The Chamber, the Greater New Bedford Career Center, Greater New Bedford Workforce Investment Board and Bristol Community College hosts its annual “SouthCoast Job Fair” every springtime. Our largest career event of the year, the “SouthCoast Job Fair” event will provide your business with an opportunity to interact one on one with a large group of talented job seekers. Our goal is to help you make connections to meet the workforce needs of your businesses. At the 2017 “SouthCoast Job Fair”, the event helped connect over 100 local, regional and national employers with over 500 area residents and job seekers.

How about some free monthly professional development programming? Government affairs advocacy on the local, state and federal level? Engaging young professionals? Member-to-Member discounts? Chamber-sponsored international trips?
Yup—you guessed it. We can, and we will help!

Whether it’s offering our free monthly “Friday Forum” to our members and their friends, connecting our members to all branches of government to make their voices heard, tailoring specific events to engage young professionals in our community, incentivizing commerce amongst our members by offering exclusive “member-to-member” discounted deals, or locking in group rates for international travel and vacationing, the SouthCoast Chamber has been, and always will be, your “go-to” source.

What this article contains is just a very, very brief snapshot of what we do, and, quite frankly, with the services and value we provide to not only dues-paying members, but for the community at-large, this piece would fill up this entire newsletter with relative ease.
If you are currently in business in the SouthCoast region (Wareham to Westport) and are not a member of the SouthCoast Chamber you should strongly consider it.

Being a member of the SouthCoast Chamber is important on so many levels. You are not only supporting your community, but you are also promoting economic growth in our region.

For less than $1 a day in most cases, it’ll be the most cost-effective and valued investment on your budget sheet.

We guarantee it.

If you would like more information about how you can become a member of the SouthCoast Chamber, please contact Ian Abreu, Manager of Business Development & Public Policy at: (508) 999-5231, ext. 24, or, via email at