The SouthCoast Chamber is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with two college students to provide them with internships for the spring semester. Rebecca Laliberte, Communications Manager at the SouthCoast Chamber said “We are excited to welcome Gwladys and Matthew to our team for the Spring semester. They each bring different skills, which will be refined and strengthened, throughout their internship. We hope to help prepare them for their next step as they prepare to enter the workforce.” We asked Gwladys and Matthew to share a little bit about their background and to reflect on their first few weeks at the Chamber.

My name is Gwladys Ngatchou. I am currently enrolled as a General Study Mass/Trans student at Bristol Community College. Not really sure of my career choice, I decided to intern at SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce this semester to find my “why”. I have just been working here for a couple of weeks now, and I am beginning to love it. During this internship, I aspire to achieve three specific goals. I intend to work with Rebecca, Communication Manager, who will teach me how to write and publish a press release, an advertisement post, and a member spotlight. Deven Robitaille, our Program and Event Manager, and I will be working on how to plan an event. We will specifically focus on planning the “SouthCoast Women’s Forum” event that will take place in May, and I hope to learn a lot from her creative mind. My final goal aims at learning the value of membership and understanding why and how to make a business join the SouthCoast Chamber membership. This will be possible with the help of Ian Abreu, the SouthCoast Manager of Business Development and Public Policy. These goals seem a lot to be achieved considering the time I have to work at the Chamber, but the phenomenal Chamber crew and I will be able to achieve these goals through our hard work, dedication and their experience. This semester being my last, I hope to figure out my next step by the end of this internship.



As a senior at Fitchburg State University studying in the Communications Media field with a concentration in Professional Communications, I am required to do an internship that is 32-40 hours a week for the entire semester. In choosing my internship, my main priority was that it was close to home so I would not have to live on campus, which saved me money this semester. I also wanted something that would allow me to put my skills into practice and be able to learn new ones. So I went online to look for places that fit, the reason I chose the SouthCoast Chamber is because they work with different companies so I would get to do a lot of networking, as well as being able to do different tasks with the different departments including Communications, Membership, and Events and Programs. I thought it was a perfect fit after doing my interview and accepting the position I started on January 22nd and right from the start they had me doing various tasks within the different departments. I have done press releases for the communications department; I have been helping with the preparation of a few different events for the programs and events department. I have also been helping with the annual job fair by making phone calls to see if they wanted to register, and writing two 30-second radio commercials as well as making social media posts. I have made phone calls to members to get accurate information for the annual publication, to companies about being a part of the job fair, etc. Sitting in on the meetings to see the logistics and all of the little details that go into planning the events has been a valuable experience. I hope to continue to grow as a professional in the field and learn new skills as well as enhance the ones I already have.

Gwladys Ngatchou can be reached at and Matthew Perez can be reached at Employers interested in hosting interns are encouraged to attend the Chamber’s Friday Forum on April 6th, 8:30 am, at the Chamber office, presented by Bristol Community College.